Welcome to the centralized platform for political activism.


Gather is a mobile application for civic organizing and political activism. We’re taking every component of the recent progressive momentum – the grassroots groups, events, meetings, rallies, calls to action – and centralizing them in one digital application, making it easier than ever before to be an activist for change.


Special Announcement

Gather is working with March for Our Lives Chicago to demand gun reform from our lawmakers. We are creating a force of activists to take action before and after the March to promote the event and effect change on this issue.

Why is this important?

Political participation is critical for a well-functioning civic society. It is our collective responsibility to hold our representatives accountable for their actions and ensure that they make policy decisions with the best interests of their constituents in mind. When we neglect our civic duties, injustices creep into the political sphere, manifesting in division, disenfranchisement, and inequity.

We believe political activism needs to be made easier - both for organizations and individuals - if we are going to eliminate the numerous social injustices that plague our political system and society at large. 



Why Gather?

Why limit yourself to desktop activism when you can 'gather' with thousands of passionate activists committed to the same social and political reforms you care about?

We are capable of so much more than a 'like' and a 'share', and the current political climate requires us to face this challenge. 

Gather makes it easier than ever before to identify issues that matter to you, join groups working to advance causes you care about, and organize or participate in civic engagements to catalyze meaningful reform across each level of government. It's time to Gather.


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Activist Newsletter

We feature progressive political opportunities in a weekly, location-specific email for activists. Sign up to receive the latest updates on events, organizations, and calls to action in your area.


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Browse Gatherings

We curate civic engagements based on your interests and profile and deliver them to you in a simple feed. 

Purchase merchandise. Donate to the organizers. Share the event on social or in your Gather profile. Invite friends to Gather with you.

Any way you wish to engage, it's all centralized in one place. It's never been this easy to take meaningful action on the issues you care about. 

Join or Create Communities

There's power in numbers. Find groups fighting for the causes you care about, or form a community of activists to organize around issues that are important to all of you. 

Work with that group to organize civic engagements and create social reform, or simply keep track of their progress and stay posted on what they are doing. 

Find Inspiration

Gather lets you keep up with the most pressing news stories related to your interests. Understand what actions are being taken at each level of government so that you maintain a watchful eye on your representatives and know why it's so important to take action. 

Organize a Gathering

In less than two minutes, you can host a world-class civic engagement and catalyze meaningful reform at any level.

We handle the marketing and optimize your engagement for maximum impact. 

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Manage Your Gathering

We provide you with a set of powerful tools to manage your Gathering. 

- Targeted social media engagement

- Metrics tracking

- Donations and merchandise management (to be released)

- Announcements bulletins

Civic organizing has never been this easy. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

College Campuses

We're bringing progressive political organizations, events, and actions to college campuses.

We can turn universities into invaluable components for sustaining the progressive momentum developed over the past year. Gather is the first digital platform to centralize all progressive political opportunities in one place, and we've partnered with students who serve as Campus Gather Organizers (CGOs) on college campuses to connect students to these opportunities.



Are you part of a civic organization, political campaign, or company interested in partnering with Gather? We'd love to hear from you.


You can use these images as social cover photos, banners, or promotional content to engage friends, family, or fellow students in the progressive movement. CGOs will pass out laptop stickers with these designs on their respective campuses.