Gather simplifies and centralizes civic engagement.


Gather is a non-partisan mobile application for civic organizing. Our mission is to provide activists representing diverse issue groups from across the political spectrum with a platform to organize and participate in civic engagements and access other activists supporting shared causes.


Why is this important?

Active civic participation is a crucial component of any well-functioning democracy. The past ten years have brought about an unprecedented and incredible ability for civilians to engage with politics. Nearly 40% of American adults have used social media sites to engage in some form of political activity; yet, voter participation in the 2014 midterm elections was the lowest in over seven decades. This represents a pressing dilemma: how do we translate this wave of heightened digital activism into other forms of civic participation that can generate meaningful reform at all levels of politics?



Why Gather?

Gather carries the conversation over from our screens to the streets and into the halls of our capitol buildings. We are capable of so much more than a 'like' and a 'share', and the current political climate requires us to face this challenge.

Whether it's voting, rallying, petitioning, or educating, participation in politics is instrumental if we are to hold our representatives accountable and ensure that constituent interests and concerns are manifested in policy. 

Gather makes it easier than ever before to identify issues that matter to you, join groups working to advance causes you care about, and organize or participate in civic engagements to catalyze meaningful reform. It's time to Gather.


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Browse Gatherings

We curate civic engagements based on your interests and profile and deliver them to you in a simple feed. 

Purchase merchandise. Donate to the organizers. Share the event on social or in your Gatherer profile. Invite friends to Gather with you.

Any way you wish to engage, it's all centralized in one place. It's never been this easy to support the causes you care about. 

Join or Create Communities

There's power in numbers. Find groups fighting for the causes you care about, or form a community of activists to organize around issues that are important to all of you. 

Work with that group to organize civic engagements and create social reform, or simply keep track of their progress and stay posted on what they are doing. 

Follow Activists and Communities

Follow activists and organizations that inspire you. Stay engaged with what fellow activists are doing. See how your communities are advancing the causes that matter most to you. 

Organize a Gathering

In less than two minutes, you can host a world-class civic engagement and catalyze meaningful reform at any level.

We handle the marketing and optimize your engagement for maximum impact. 

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Manage Your Gathering

We provide you with a set of powerful tools to manage your Gathering. 

- Targeted social media engagement

- Detailed metrics tracking

- Donations and merchandise management

- Announcements bulletins

- Endorsement and support accumulation


Civic organizing has never been this easy. 

All of your civic activity. Centralized - or should we say gathered - in one place. 

Our Progress

Our iPhone and Android applications will be available for download in late August.

We were finalists in the University of Chicago's College New Venture Challenge, we were featured in several Chicago business publications, and we have developed partnerships with civic organizations across Chicago to feature their Gatherings on our platform.


Are you a civic organization interested in having your events and community featured on Gather to boost engagement?