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We break down the most important news stories of the day and email 'em to you in a 5-minute audio format. With world news, U.S. news, an elections report, a market assessment, and a sports & culture briefing, it's all you need to start the day. Perfect for your morning shower, walk to class, or commute to work. Let us make your day. Every day.

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Do you like to waste time? Didn't think so.

On average, you'll spend 57 minutes consuming news every day. You're wasting your time. Every outlet has a spin for ratings. Talk show hosts awkwardly banter to fill time. Columnists use overly complicated language to impress you. It'll take 20 minutes to read an article that could have been explained in a minute. And with all that's out there, who's to know what's important?

*Cue* we come in.