Gather helps you reach activists and organizers who are eager to work with your campaign. 

Canvassers. Phone-bankers. Petitioners. Voter registrars. We've built the easiest and most efficient way to find campaign volunteers. Gather connects you to progressive activists and organizations across your area, so that you and your team can spend time focusing on the issues that matter most to your constituents. Let's win this together.

Why We're Doing This


You've spent long hours trying to find volunteers for your campaign. Those are hours you aren't spending with your constituents, crafting policy plans, fundraising, or fulfilling the various other roles you play along the trail.

What if you could distribute your campaign volunteer opportunities and events to a vast network of highly committed progressive activists in your region? What if you could contact hundreds of campaign volunteers without leaving HQ? It's time to Gatherâ„¢.

How It Works

1. We feature your campaign volunteer / job opportunities and events in:

  • Weekly emails to a massive network of activists
  • Marketing sequences through our Organizer Program
  • Our mobile application and website

2. We provide a customized set of opportunities for you to to meet your constituents and potential campaign volunteers with:

  • Weekly lists of upcoming local activist events in your area (neighborhood associations, candidate forums, etc.)
  • Weekly lists of local civic organizations (+ contact info) whose missions align with your campaign platform

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A Winning Strategy

We serve highly targeted placement according to ideological preference, geographic range, and the nature of your particular race.

Our team of campaign strategists works to ensure that you receive the greatest value possible, drastically reducing the time, money, and effort you spend on recruiting the volunteers you need in order to win.

You want to win. 

Get started right now.

Email [email protected] to get started.