We're bringing progressive political organizations, events, and actions to campuses.

Young people have always been critical components of progressive movements, and we're making sure that students play a major role in sustaining the progressive momentum developed over the past year. Gather is the first digital platform to centralize all progressive political opportunities in one place, and we've partnered with students who serve as Campus Gather Organizers (CGOs) on campuses to connect students to these opportunities.


Why Is This Important?

In this highly political environment, we are all activists. We can take action to bring about the political reform we want to see, and Gather has made it easier than ever before to do this by centralizing every action, event, and grassroots group in one location. 

We believe that students should have all of this information at their fingertips so that they can contribute to the most significant political movement of our time.

We've all heard it: "I want to do something, but I'm not sure what I can even do." No longer.

It's time to Gatherâ„¢.

What is the CGO Program?

Campus Gather Organizers are our on-campus partners for bringing progressive political actions to students. On their respective campuses, CGOs will be promoting local campaign opportunities, showcasing nearby grassroots organizations, and highlighting upcoming events and rallies to fellow students. These leaders will ensure that students know where and how they can take part in progressive political reform, so that nobody remains on the sidelines.

CGOs will also mobilize on-campus activist groups to post their events, meetings, and calls to action onto Gather, so that they can reach a wider audience, both on campus and throughout the city.


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What will Cgos do on campus?

How Does This Work?

Why Should You Apply?

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Work with our team to engage your campus in political actions that generate the change in government for which we can no longer afford to wait.