Register for the Chicago March for Our Lives

We want to have a more accurate idea of how many people are marching with us to demand gun reform.

Event Marshals

We rely on dedicated volunteers to make sure everyone participates safely and respectfully as they march for gun reform. Anyone can do this, just be sure to attend a quick training session. 

General Volunteers / Supporters

Be an integral part of the gun reform movement. Gather is working with March for Our Lives Chicago to build a force of activists who can help promote and support the March and gun reform movement in their communities. 

***All volunteers should arrive before 9:00am at Union Park on Saturday. Meet at the tent next to the stage.

What is this?

We are trying something completely new. What if you could take action to advance gun reform right now? We believe marching is incredible, and we also believe there is so much more we can be doing before and after the March for Our Lives to demand gun reform from our lawmakers. 

More details, please.

Think of yourself as joining a critical task force of committed activists who are working to promote this march and demand gun reform from our lawmakers. We'll send you a weekly email with lists of actions you can take to build support for this event and for gun reform in your community.

For example, we'll send you graphics and images to share on social media to boost the movement; links to content you can share to support gun reform; ideas for pre-march events that will inspire others to demand reform; petitions to sign to force politicians to act.

The opportunities are endless. If you care about gun reform and want to make a difference now, sign up.

Everyone has a personal reason for fighting for gun reform. What's yours?

We are creating a video compilation of personal stories on gun violence from activists across the country. Film a 30sec - 1min video describing why you care about gun reform, and send it to [email protected]. We'll share the final video with lawmakers and change-makers to demand commonsense gun reform and show that this movement is just getting started.

What does the March for Our Lives stand for?

Thoughts and prayers are insufficient to address the gun violence dilemma in this country; we must call for policy and change from our lawmakers. We are pushing IL and national lawmakers to enact common-sense gun reform that addresses mass shootings and systemic inner-city violence.

In addition to marching to combat school shootings, we are marching for Chicago communities of color whose gun violence narratives have been silenced for decades. Given the relevance of gun violence prevention for our city’s black and brown communities, the Chicago event will carry a heightened significance in pushing legislators to craft policy that addresses not only mass shootings but systemic gun violence in minority communities. This is an inclusive endeavor. This is everyone's movement.

Event Flyers

We will provide several flyers to print and distribute for the march in this section.

If you have any questions or ideas, you can email [email protected]