Why should you apply?

Organizing / Leadership Experience

As a CGO, you will be connecting activists on your campus with opportunities to take action and organizations on campus with like-minded individuals seeking out similar reforms. This will provide invaluable experience in organizing and leadership, which can be used in government positions, non-profit roles, and grassroots organizing at the highest levels.

Political Experience

Immersing yourself in local politics as a CGO will provide you with expertise on government operations, lobbying, campaign efforts, and other critical aspects of our nation's political sphere, preparing you for any role in government or politics you choose to pursue.

Campaign / Organization Connections

By coordinating with local grassroots organizers, campaign officials, and candidates to advance the progressive movement, your position as your school's CGO will provide you with invaluable connections with the individuals crafting policy for the future. This will establish your network of political leaders and kick-start or further your political aspirations.

Being at the Future of Activism

There's a powerful progressive movement sweeping through every level of politics and all the way up to Washington. Gather is building technology that connects individuals to the groups, events, and calls to action that will sustain this momentum and effect the change we wish to see in government. Join this force and bring your fellow students with you. Join Gather's CGO program today.

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What will Cgos do on campus?

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